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DUI Walk and Turn Test


To successfully perform a walk and turn test, you take nine steps forward with your feet heel-to-toe, counting just about every step out loud. After reaching your finish point, you then turn around and take nine steps back to your original starting point.


During the walk and turn test, the officer will perchance be viewing closely for signs of intoxication, such as staggering, balance loss, and stumbling. In the situation where you do any of these things, or stop or start the test before instructed, you can expect to be arrested and charged with DUI.

What makes this test so challenging?  Besides walking in that awkward heel-to-toe position, your arms should remain at your side, and you are asked to imagine your feet on an imaginary or real line. If you are like most people you probably don't walk this way normally—a fact which could make executing the walk and turn test somewhat tricky.

Certain individuals should never perform the DUI walk and turn test, as they can perhaps fail the exercise regardless of their level of intoxication. Elderly and overweight drivers will certainly have problems passing the test. Should you have limited sight in a single eye, or suffer from vertigo or any related condition that affects balance and coordination, you may be unable to perform the walk and turn test. Even the shoes you are wearing at the time you perform the test can affect outcomes if they are uncomfortable or difficult to walk in!

If the officer did not administer the test correctly, or you were suffering from an injury at the time you performed the walk and turn test, the results and perhaps the case against you could be thrown out.

To determine the best defense strategy for your case, it is in your best interest to seek legitimate representation immediately.


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